Championing The Over 50’s In Fitness

Addressing the need for the fitness industry to become more inclusive and focus on health for all age groups, instructors, and entrepreneurs, Tere Rodríguez and Kitinn Kapunan are the Founders of Power@50 Fitness Community, a hybrid (live and online) space where men and women over 50 can enjoy dynamic and innovative workouts tailor-made for them.

What was the gap that you’ve uncovered when it comes to fitness and health in our over 50’s?

As more people work out at home, fitness platforms and apps have become an integral part of our exercise routines. However, the lack of diversity and inclusivity in most apps is staggering. “There is a clear need for inclusive fitness platforms that send a powerful message that age is not a limitation when it comes to feeling strong, healthy, and powerful. And that’s exactly what we want to communicate with Power@50”, explains Barcelona-born and business co-founder, Tere Rodríguez.

According to Better Health Channel from the Victorian Government, only 1 in 10 Australians over the age of 50 do enough exercise to gain any cardiovascular benefit, while physical inactivity is the leading cause of death. “Part of the challenge is that the traditional fitness industry does not have a strong focus on all ages”, affirms Kitinn Kapunan, Master Trainer and cofounder at Power@50. “However, the other part comes from deep mental structures that make us believe that “we are too old to exercise” or “exercising is hazardous for older people”. The relatively high cost of some gyms may exclude some people as well, while older adults may also feel unwelcome in youth-focused fitness centres”.

How did you and Kitinn come together to form the power duo behind Power@50?

Kitinn Kapunan, our master trainer and cofounder while originally from the Philippines, came to Australia when she was 14. I am nearly 56, from Spain, and came here when I was 22. The road hasn’t always been easy as a migrant, and even more so now at this age, but we are both very excited to start a project that really represents who we are, and gives us a mission we really believe in. 

But our more personal story is that while I’ve been training all my life religiously in different formats (I also have a Cert 3 in Fitness), what really has made a difference in terms of fitness levels are the kind of programs I started doing over 3 years ago with Kitinn and other trainers.

People are surprised when they hear my age and I decided I didn’t want to be the anomaly. I think everyone has the ability and power to feel agile, strong and energised, even at 50, 60 or even later! I initially wanted to start a project called Nomad@50, given that my other passion is to travel, also focused on the over 50, but as I was about to launch my beautiful website, we were hit by the pandemic.

So, I tried pivoting into different things, until I decided fitness was the way to go, given the important role it played in my life. So, I talked to Kitinn – who is 48 and an incredibly accomplished trainer – about it, she believed in the concept and we are two months into our partnership.

We know the founders’ road is long but we are absolutely committed to making a difference. 

Kitinn Kapunan & Tere Rodríguez, Co-Founders of Power@50

What impact are you hoping to create with the launch of Power@50?

Power@50 launches with the goal to help the older generations overcome their current mental, financial, and physical barriers to health and fitness. “We want the Over50 to feel strong, powerful and break the stereotype and the mindset that a person over 50 begins an irreversible downhill journey which leads towards pain, illness, and a sedentary lifestyle”, explains 55 years old Tere, co-founder of Power@50.

“Fitness is my source of inspiration and an integral part of who I am. I can’t imagine a day without practicing some form of exercise! At 55 I feel as healthy and energetic as I have ever been and now, I want to share this mindset with other people Over50 around the world!”.

Tell us a little more about your customised fitness programs.

As Power@50’s Master Trainer, Kitinn has developed a range of fun and effective fitness routines and programs which provide the kind of compound movements that are part of a well-rounded strength, agility and cardio training workout that the over 50s population needs and tends to neglect. “

Studies confirm that simply by adding bursts of high-speed, high-energy activity into a workout, and alternating it with slower moves, you can “shock” your body into burning more fat, building stronger muscles, and improving your heart rate. If you add the music and the social factors of our Over50s workouts, the results are transformational”.

To best respond to the needs and likes of the over 50 population, we’ve developed our own signature workouts, “PowerUP” and “PowerGroove”.

“PowerUP” incorporates fighting elements, strength, agility and cardio components, and it’s designed for the over 50 person to achieve more in less time, while having fun and feeling powerful and confident!

“PowerGroove” is the ultimate 70s and 80s dance party workout! Kitinn has created a series of super easy-to-follow routines created to get them moving, grooving, and having a blast while gaining mobility, agility, coordination and cardiovascular capacity.

Find Tere and Kitinn at Power @50

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