Creating Conscious Brands With A Passion

Sonia Moroni Duru is a personal brand coach, and the CEO & Founder of Wildly Creating. Wildly Creating is a branding boutique devoted to supporting and empowering online entrepreneurs to live their dream lifestyle and business.

Sonia’s magic is to infuse personal development, embodiment, and business growth to create a conscious brand that feels natural and is ready to impact other people.

When did you discover that you had a creative side and a passion for branding?

I started my business back in 2020 when I just knew I wanted to work online so that I could keep on traveling. Honestly, I didn’t know what my secret talent was. As I was building my own website to offer general social media management services, I discovered how fun it was to build websites. And I started to offer those!

As things evolved, I quickly learned that branding played a huge role into the development of any businesses and websites, so I starte to learn about it and my focus quickly shifted towards branding. Now I live and breathe branding not just because of the aesthetic aspects, but mostly because of the personal discovery element tied to it.

You call yourself the ‘brand therapist’ which is really interesting! Tell us more about how you came up with that term?

Brand therapist is a playful tagline that come about as I was coaching some of my clients into finding their true passion and putting that into fruition through their business.

As I was listening to my clients, I would see how their energy would be higher or lower depending on some of the topics we would discuss, and the conversation would go sometimes out of “business topics”. What I quickly learned is that it was much easier to create a joyful business, when we know what we want and we know how we want to feel about.

My approach is rooted both in personal development and strategy, meaning that in order to put together a strategy, we need to make sure it will work for you. A bit of therapy-like coaching session, but tied to your brand.

What is it that you love the most about what you do?

Seeing my clients finally connected with what their desires and feeling excited when showing up on Instagram is what lights me up the most. Because I could see the energy within them, it was just a matter of directing that in the right places!

What is one fun fact that we should know about you?

I was born in Italy, raised between Italy and Cameroon, finished high school in Brazil, found my first job in Amsterdam, and started my business in Australia… I love traveling!

If you could share one key takeaway from being a WoC Founder, what would that be?

Your identity is the most important part of your personal brand. Never conform to what other people are expecting because you are so unique!! Find a way to stand out. To me, that looked like accepting and embracing who I was, which meant making peace with all the stories and racism I was exposed to, and make that my superpower.

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