Building business success by harnessing the power of email automation

Jessie Goh is the founder of a boutique digital marketing and automation agency – Jessie Goh Digital Marketing Agency. Jessie wears many hats at the moment – mum, wife, sister, businesswoman, friend and more.

What is it about email automation and e-commerce that excites you so much?

I first got excited about email automation about 20 years ago when I found Infusionsoft (known as Keap now). They promised business automation, sales and marketing automation and most importantly customer journey automation. They delivered great results. 

So when I started my e-commerce business a decade ago, I knew that emails are the way to go. Unlike social media platforms, you own your data and you are able to personalise your communication with your customers based on their spend, habits, preferences etc. You are not at the mercy of a third party platform who may or may not hold your account hostage. 

Back when I was a merchant, I got a kick whenever I sent out a campaign. Sales spiked every time I sent out a targeted campaign. Email automations made me extra revenue too. The tool I used was Klaviyo and this is the platform I decided to use for my clients today.

These experiences made me do what I offer today – email automation for e-commerce businesses. I’ve seen firsthand how sales can grow by 50% when emails are executed properly and timely. This makes me excited. It is all about working smart; not working harder.

Why do you think it’s important for us to embrace technology instead of shying away from it when it comes to building a successful and thriving business?

Change is always a constant in life and that is a fact. Growing up in Singapore, nothing remains the same forever. There was (and still is) constant change going around. Whether it is a new building going up, new roads, new technology to adopt, change is inevitable. As such, I am used to change and I LOVE change AND Technology. 

For me, technology enables us to systemise routines and mundane tasks, minimise mistakes and use this time to grow our businesses.

Those who don’t embrace change get left behind. Look at how we interact with each other nowadays. It’s through technology. A payphone is no longer a thing. So you just need to learn to adapt and embrace changes along the way to build a sustainable business. 

If you don’t like change but understand the importance of it all, hire some young kids. They will keep the pulse on the business and adopt those changes quicker than you can type.

You and your then boyfriend (now husband) started into business as two youngpeople wanting a challenge, you’ve then had two boys and have grown from strengthto- strength as an entrepreneur, what keeps you going?

I’m a sucker for punishment?

Being honest, I’m unemployable. There is no way I’m able to work in a corporate environment. I would love to leave a legacy for my children. To show them what building a business is and how helping people can change your life and others for the better. 

It hasn’t always been rainbows and lollipops. There have been loads of tears, swear words and dark days behind the scenes. I’ve actually burnt out a few times. 

Now I know when I see the red flags of burn out. I pace myself better and allow myself to run a marathon instead of thinking of it as a sprint. 

That’s what keeps me going.

As a WoC founder, you’ve had your share of challenges and adversity, would you mind sharing some of those challenges and how you’ve overcome them?

I had the trifecta when I first started out when I was 22! 




The first time I negotiated a commercial lease, the landlord just assumed I was the real estate agent’s secretary! That really made my blood boil. Even at networking events, no one took me seriously as I was young. 

At trade shows, many assumed that I wasn’t a buyer and I was there as an assistant. They would ignore me and just walk past me to serve other people.

I stood my ground and made sure I let people know that I’m serious and I’m here to do business.

Nowadays, I do tend to brush things off. If the business owner on the other side just assumes, I walk away. I have no time for it now. Their loss, not mine.

What are some fun facts about you that you’d like to share?

I love to travel. I love great food! I love fashion and shopping! I play Texas Hold’em poker.

I love a great challenge and problem solving. When I’m not out and about or busy, I do enjoy chilling out at home in my pyjamas for the whole day.

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