Our Why

WoC Founders are still largely under-represented in Australia today. In two separate recent reports, it was reported that:

  • In 2020, of the $10 billion funding awarded to Australian start-ups, only 0.3% went to BIWOC founders.*
  • Less than 2% of BIWOC women surveyed were founders, and less than 7% were leaders in business**

These staggering statistics are mindblowing in today’s society. Though the population in Australia is growing more culturally diverse, there is still a lot of work to do.

For together we are brave, we are strong, we are powerful beyond imagination and together we are one.

* Source: Data extracted from The State of Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour Founders in the Start-up Ecosystem in Australia. An independant research report by The Creative Co-Operative.

** Source: Data extracted from the “Workplace Survey Report 2021” conducted by Women of Colour Australia in conjunction with Murdoch University.

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